November 2021


Regardless of whether your organization operates in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment, cloud security solutions and best practices are a necessity when ensuring business continuity. Cloud security solutions and technology is becoming a major tool for Enterprises. Many cloud security solutions are being developed every day and many cloud security companies are in security service.

cloud security providers

CloudPassage aims to be a unified security platform for all of your cloud assets such as Public IaaS , Cloud Servers and Containers. This allows for seamless and continuous integration of good security practices with software in development, lessening attack surface. In such scenarios, numerous organizations are looking for a solution to safeguard their cloud architecture and subsequently relying on various solutions to help them curb breaches. They need to be versatile and use technologies in their setting like file integrity monitoring, intrusion detection, two-factor authentication and much more.

GCP Cloud Security: Introduction

Regardless of the preventative measures organizations have in place for their on-premise and cloud-based infrastructures, data breaches and disruptive outages can still occur. Enterprises must be able to quickly react to newly discovered vulnerabilities or significant system outages as soon as possible. Disaster recovery solutionsare a staple in cloud security and provide organizations with the tools, services, and protocols necessary to expedite the recovery of lost data and resume normal business operations. An increased number of cyberattacks on cloud infrastructure coupled with stricter regulations and compliance rules around cloud services adoption has driven more cloud security spending.

Symantec has made 15 of our top product lists, including endpoint security, CASB, WAF, web gateways, managed services, encryption, XDR, access management, DLP and zero trust. With strong R&D and product teams, the longtime security leader is not content to rest on its laurels, with intelligent focus on innovation. HackerOne cloud security services are the most trusted security platform for hackers.

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Netskope is one of the highest-valued private cybersecurity companies — and has used its funding to assemble an impressive array of cloud security offerings. Accenture is a comprehensive managed cloud services provider that supports AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Their managed cloud security offerings include security strategy and risk services to help clients evaluate their current cloud security readiness and safeguard future cloud ambitions. Accenture also offers identity and access management, application and infrastructure and security, and data protection capabilities, providing users with a multi-leveled approach to cloud security. Zscaler is a cloud-based security company that protects users, data, and applications from cyberattacks. Zscaler provides SWG, ATP, cloud sandboxing, and CASB services to protect users, devices, and data from cyber threats.

  • While they may offer similar access points, they also serve to safeguard entire application networks as opposed to just email documents or server data.
  • It can be done by both end users and developers since it’s a midway ground between a black and white box.
  • Additionally, Cloudcare doesn’t just allow for monitoring of security threats from outside the network but also activity within it.
  • The Cost of a Data Breach Report explores financial impacts and security measures that can help your organization avoid a data breach, or in the event of a breach, mitigate costs.
  • And while at $0.078 a kilowatt-hour, Phoenix’s power isn’t as cheap as Washington State, which is closer to $0.04 a kWh, but it’s still competitive, Howard said.

Longer experience does not necessarily mean a better reputation all the time. Thus vet your choices thoroughly by going through reviews and recommendations by clients. Does not provide key cloud security features like malware cloud security providers detection and firewalls. Therefore, it is no surprise that cloud security is also of rising concern and importance. Cloud security companies rose to prominence in light of the growing need for securing cloud platforms.

Guide: Attack Surface Management (ASM)

For instance, Oracle includes the ability to easily expand detection to new content. We use OBIEE platform to enable the clients with Data analytics requirements. We are also professionals in implementing OBIA for EBS clients and also custom analytics solution for non-EBS Customers. At Cloudtron, we are helping our customers to establish the BI Roadmap and Strategy with detailed BI Discovery process, rationalizing the current reports and keeping eye on future needs. SiteLock offers dynamic and static caching, load balancing and a global Content Delivery Network , thereby boosting and enhancing website performance. The “Lacework Polygraph” establishes “normal” baseline behavior, which is used to later determine potential behavior anomalies.

cloud security providers

Swift detection and response measures ensure that any security issue is addressed promptly and efficiently. RSA remains an independent company within STG’s security portfolio, which also includes Trellix and Skyhigh Security. RSA boasts strong products, a respected name and its eponymous conference among its considerable assets. We’ve given the company high marks in GRC, threat intelligence, encryption, SIEM, risk management and UEBA, among other areas. Customer satisfaction ratings have been a little lower than some of the other leaders on this list, and despite the strong name recognition, the company hasn’t stood out as much as its name would suggest. But with RSA encryption algorithms sure to be in the headlines as we enter the quantum computing age, the RSA name will remain a strong one.

Symantec Cloud Workload Protection

Working from a server level, virtual machine level, and container and headless level, no layer is forgotten. Prisma’s Posture Management services allow for both regulatory compliance measures and threat detection. Cloud Architects can use the all-in-one solution to easily manage multiple layers of security. Even executives can benefit from data-intensive reports on audit compliance and form a better line of communication with their DevOps teams.

cloud security providers

Regardless of where an application is hosted, HyTrust provides a full suite of keying tools, including complete key management and even cloud-based rekeying on the fly. CloudGuard, Checkpoint’s product for securing multi-cloud environments, is a context-based cloud security engine supporting many different cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Vmware, Oracle etc. The same servers, software and apps that used to be located on-premises in the previous decades, are now migrated to cloud services, but they still need the same security protection level as before.

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The best cloud antivirus software makes it simple and easy to protect your business computing assets from a single antivirus platform. As cloud consumers, it’s essential to understand the roles and responsibilities of your chosen CSP. Partner with a provider that exemplifies unwavering commitment to infrastructure security, empowering you to focus on securing your applications and data. If you have software or hardware from another security vendor, do they integrate well? Darktrace’s sales growth has slowed to around 25% recently, but the UK-based company’s pioneering work in AI-based security continues to earn it a spot on this list.

A key CWP feature is that everything on the workload is controlled and secured by the agent, such as zero-day threats, file integrity monitoring, host-based IPS, vulnerability protection etc. Cloud security solutions safeguard data, networks and access by securing data, workloads and apps that are hosted on Cloud infrastructure. Astra Security is a leading cloud security provider with its comprehensive VAPT products, compliance-specific scans, continuous scanning as well as a solid website protection product. Compare the different specifications offered by companies that provide cloud security.

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It also comes with both private and public cloud security and monitoring, and it actively hunts for new threats on the horizon. Notably, CloudGuard supports also security for containerized and serverless apps. It’s also important to note that each of the major public cloud providers also have their own native cloud security controls and services that organizations can enable. Understanding your responsibilities on these platforms under the shared responsibility model of cloud security is critically important. The Halo platform adds visibility to your security operation center so security teams can quickly protect, detect, respond to, and neutralize threats.