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Interviews in KOCHI with HSE Team, Ireland

Interviews in KOCHI w.e.f 24th May


  • • MS WARD
  • • OT
  • • NICU
  • • ONCO
  • • PEADS A&E
  • • ICU
  • Bsc/GNM & Min 2 years exp.
  • NMBI DL/ Educational Assessment Required
  • Salary from €30,609-€47,431 (INR 25 Lakhs- 40 Lakhs P.A.) Attractive Benefits
  • HSE Hospital Locations
  • •Galway
  • • Mayo
  • .Portiuncula
  • .Sligo
  • • Roscommon

Adaptation (No RCSI Required)

  • Call Us on
  • 7982134072 / 7982133619
  • Rush your CV to
  • [email protected]
  • India International Technical Recruiters
  • License No. B-0185/DEL/PART/1000 /5/8820/2012
  • ACK No. AN394978




NORKA Routes Reclamation for Malayalee Nursers in the UK As the first phase of UK reclamation, the District Hospital in Iowa is retaining for the NSH Trust and about 25 related trusts.
Large vacuities for nursers and midwives are anticipated then. BSc, GNM and Midwifery campaigners can apply. Eligible campaigners will be refunded for OET/ IELTS examination figure and CBT charges.
Backing in writing the OSCE test is also available upon appearance in the UK. Must pass OSCE within eight months. Payment will be over to euros during this period. After earning the OSCE, the payment will be between and euros.

Norca Roots is transferring nursers to the UK as part of its sweats to expand its reclamation to further European countries after initiating the process of retaining nursers to Germany through the Triple Win design. Reclamation is fully free.
For details visit thewebsite
or call the risk free number 18004253939. Missed call service is also available from abroad on 0091 88020 12345.
email- [email protected]

The Brazil pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai has showcased Manbol, dubbed the sport of Amazon, at Brazil pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai. A world training centre will be created for Manbol in Dubai with a sports arena that will train teachers and certify them from all over the world.

Invented by Rui Hildebrando in 2014, Manbol is the true sport of the Amazon and practiced throughout Brazil and other Latin American countries. The easy-to-play sport combines logical thinking and agility with the creative innovation in the world of sports with different rules from other modalities.

“We are extremely proud to present Manbol at the Brazilian pavilion in the Expo 2020 and create awareness among the international audience and sport lovers. We conducted workshops for students and tourists from several countries. We chose Dubai to develop a global training centre for Manbol considering this cosmopolitan city’s capabilities to reach out to people from more than 100 nations,” said Rui Hildebrando, who is also president of FIMANBOL, International Federation of Manbol.

“We also witnessed adoption of Manbol as part of physical education training curriculum of several Arab schools considering the novelty of the sport created in the Amazon using mangoes. This denotes the potential for the sports to become more than a recreational activity and become a high-performance sport. We want the sport to be practiced on a global level through school education so that everyone can be benefitted of this,” he added.

“The installation of the world headquarters of FIMANBOL will mark the beginning of a new project that aims to develop the sport of Manbol sport and use it to further human development. The primary goal is to strengthen health, well-being and quality of life while simultaneously using the sport as a diplomatic tool and building social relations between different cultures,” Hildebrando said.

He went back to the history and origin of Manbol, “The sport is remarkably peculiar for being a game that uses mangoes to play. Its beginning has been from as a joke with mangoes in Belém do Pará. Popularly known as Belém in the city of Hoses, it is more commonly called Manbol in the state of Pará. The name of the sport was formed by combining the words manga and bola, thus forming Manbol.”

“It is the only sport in the world that is played with two oval balls simultaneously. The balls have a circumference of 20cm and weigh 70g. It is made of a super-soft, 100 per cent PU material in many different colours, making the balls unique and attractive. The sport helps in the development of cognitive skills, laterality, motor skills, reflex, collective practice, weight loss and logical reasoning. Manbol also promises to be an important tool for social well-being,” he elaborated.

Manbol already has a national association in Brazil and six other states. It is an international federation with founding headquarters in Belém do Pará, which projects the growth of the sport worldwide. It has more than 20,000 supporters recognized by the AMB-National Association of Sport in Brazil and is recognized for development in six Latin American countries including Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

The sport is planning to gain global recognition by 2030 and can potentially become an Olympic sport. Any interested person or organisation can develop this sport and practice it by joining at FIMANBOL will also arrange presentations in schools and universities.

Dubai – 24 March 2022: BYJU’S, a world-leading EdTech company, has been announced as an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.

Through this partnership, BYJU’S will leverage its rights to the FIFA World Cup 2022TM marks, emblem and assets, and run unique promotions to connect with passionate football fans around the world. It will also create engaging and creative content with educational messages as part of a multifaceted activation plan.
“FIFA is dedicated to harnessing the power of football towards the goal of enacting positive societal change. We’re delighted to be partnered with a company like BYJU’S, which is also engaging communities and empowering young people wherever they may be in the world,” said Kay Madati, FIFA’s Chief Commercial Officer.
“We look forward to supporting the promotion of BYJU’S educational learning opportunities, as well as having them join the global drumbeat of excitement for the FIFA World Cup 2022 through its association with this groundbreaking tournament.”
Byju Raveendran, BYJU’S founder and CEO, said: “We are excited to be sponsoring the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the biggest single-sport event in the world. It is a matter of pride for us to represent India on such a prestigious global stage and champion the integration of education and sport. Sport is a big part of life and brings together people across the world. Just as football inspires billions, we at BYJU’S hope to inspire the love of learning in every child’s life through this partnership.”
With 150 million learners around the world, BYJU’S has been a global leader in tech-driven, personalised and engaging educational content and products. Within a decade of its launch, the company has expanded to cater to a large student community globally – from K-12 and competitive exam preparation to early learning and coding to professional upskilling courses – with diverse offerings from Osmo, Tynker, Epic, Great Learning, Aakash, and Toppr.
With corporate headquarters in Bengaluru, India, and offices in 21 countries, BYJU’S products are present in over 120 countries. They aim to instil curiosity in learning, create self-learners and aid in better learning outcomes. BYJU’S is changing the way students learn and teachers teach through the unique blend of digital and physical learning along with cutting-edge innovations in learning experiences.
Driven by its mission to enhance human potential, BYJU’S has already empowered 3.4 million students from underserved communities with digital learning in India and aims to reach 10 million students in its home country by 2025.
The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM will take place from 21 November to 18 December 2022.